Our Mission

Empowering Teachers Working In High Poverty Schools through Collaboration, Feedback, and Implementation of Evidence-Based Classroom Strategies

Project Overview

The Rutgers Collaborative Coaching Project is a study that examines the effectiveness of structured coaching and teacher formative assessment on classroom-wide instructional and behavioral management practices related to student learning.


The Collaborative Coaching Model is a problem solving process in which teachers and coaches: (1) identify educators’ strengths, and areas for growth, (2) formulate practice goals, and (3) design data-based plans to improve educators’ instructional and behavior management.

Publications & Presentations

Collaborative Coaching Project PI, Co-PIs and Project Manager Linda Reddy, Elisa Shernoff, and Adam Lekwa have published numerous articles to impact future research and practices in instructional coaching.


Apperson has graciously funded our use of the Devereux Students Strength Assessment– Mini Form (DESSA-Mini), an on-line brief tool to assess students academic and behavior strengths.